Saddle up in HÅG Capisco Puls by izzy+, a streamlined, sustainable take on an icon of modern design and ergonomic seating

NeoCon World’s Trade Fair 2012: June 11-13, 2012
The Merchandise Mart, Showroom 11-100

CHICAGO – June 2012 – The striking silhouette is familiar, but the foam and fabric have been stripped away.  HÅG Capisco Puls by izzy+, based on Peter Opsvik's legendary saddle-seat task chair, is the latest evolution in form, function and comfort for people who work in active, modern office environments.

Puls, like all the other members of the HÅG Capisco family, provides balanced support and encourages movement promoting dynamic, healthful postures. It invites an almost unlimited variety of sitting postures for a new generation, supporting them with a ruggedly comfortable and fully recyclable thermoplastic saddle seat and back with integrated arm rests.

“It’s clean, simple, intuitive and just the right scale,” says Chuck Saylor, CEO and founder of izzy+, which since 2004 has had a strategic alliance with Oslo-based HÅG, manufacturing and distributing select seating products in North America.  “It’s a refinement of the original HÅG Capisco design, which encourages support for sitting while encouraging movement at the same time.  Like all true masters of his craft, Peter Opsvik thinks deeply about design and the interface of humanity.”

Nick Fernandez, the Seating Product and Brand Manager for izzy+, describes Puls as “perfect for corporate cubes, training rooms, cafes and kitchens, higher-ed classrooms and commons areas, libraries, computer labs, dorms, kiosks, bank teller stations, service counters, and touch-down spots where people might gather for an hour or two.”

Fernandez adds: “It has all the functionality that has made the original version such a hit for the past 25 years, but it also responds to the new generation’s desire for informality, as well as movement, comfort and self-expression.”

The height-adjustable, full-function chair is available in four seat and back colors -- red, black, light gray and blue-gray.  There is an upholstered pad for the sweet spot on the saddle seat, as well as an optional fully upholstered saddle seat. The Puls stool model with footring provides a perfect perch for bar-height meeting spaces. Depending on options chosen, Puls carries a list price from $960 to $1,180.

With limited fabric/foam, HÅG Capisco Puls is made of durable polypropylene and is easy to clean.  It carries the standard izzy+ limited lifetime warranty.  With a sit-to-stand height range, HÅG Capisco Puls offers exceptional functionality and allows a range of sitting options -- forward, backward, sideways.

HÅG Capisco Puls earned a red dot award for product design when it was introduced to the European market last year. The original HÅG Capisco task chair, commercially launched in Europe in 1986, changed the way people think about sitting at work. Opsvik drew inspiration for his “saddle chair” from horseback riders—the first long-term sitters.

Mirroring the rider’s position, the HÅG Capisco was conceived to allow people to maintain the same great posture and balanced upper body.  HÅG Capisco Puls was designed by Opsvik according to the same principles, resulting in a chair that liberates its users rather than confines them. Optimal support, freedom, and multiple sitting heights and postures revive weary bodies and energize creative minds.

“Puls offers the same concept for a lower price,” says Opsvik, “and it should provide even greater longevity, since the first damage on an unholstered chair is typically to the fabric.   The structural and visual form is maybe even more attractive when you don’t have the upholstery, since we have formed the plastic very precisely.”

Sustainable design long has been at the forefront of Opsvik’s approach.  “The most important thing in environmental thinking is that a customer should not change or throw out a product,” he notes.  “If you form a chair outside the trends of fashion, it will have a much longer life. Capisco doesn’t look old-fashioned.”

As an environmental pioneer, HÅG has ensured that HÅG Capisco Puls conforms to the highest standards of green design. Materials have been kept to a minimum, and recycled materials have been used wherever possible to minimize the chair’s carbon footprint, positioning HÅG Capisco Puls as an example of best-in-class environmental design.

About Peter Opsvik

Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik, born in 1939, has transformed the concept of sitting over the course of his career. With his unconventional seating solutions, Opsvik has helped reshape European and North American cultural sitting habits, showing how the “rules” about sitting nicely and sitting still can be broken. Opsvik is one of the world’s leading designers of work chairs and is the author of the book Rethinking Sitting. He also is one of the initiators of Design Without Borders, and founded the Minor Foundation for Major Challenges, which provides support for information projects that aim to address and limit climate changes caused by humankind.

About izzy+

The employees of izzy+ ( design, manufacture and market office furniture and seating that solve real problems for real people. The focus is to provide designers with the tools to create inspiring work spaces for forward-thinking customers in home offices and small businesses, in executive offices and board rooms, in hospitals and classrooms. Its award-winning products are marketed under the brand names izzy, HÅG, Harter, Fixtures Furniture and ABCO. Based in Spring Lake, MI, izzy+ is a business of JSJ Corporation of Grand Haven, MI.


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