izzy+ blends brands for Better Together solutions

Expanded expertise benefits people searching for fresh solutions in today's office, corporate training and higher education spaces

NeoCon World's Trade Fair 2009: The Merchandise Mart, 1150, 11-100, 8-3094

CHICAGO - June 2009 - Some things are just better together. Like birthday cakes and candles. Or earbuds and iPods. And pencils and sharpeners.

Add to that list of can-do collaborators the six product brands of izzy+.

How does inserting a superscript plus sign to the izzy name make a difference? That subtle change signifies long-term strategic plans for the six niche brands that merged in 2008 - ABCO Office Furniture, Fixtures Furniture, HÅG, Harter, izzy and Zoom Seating.

"The story for izzy+ continues to be about our commitment to human-centered design and collaboration in four primary markets: office, learning, healing and home. That is our quest," says Chuck Saylor, chairman and CEO of the business brand launched with JSJ Corporation at NeoCon in 2001. "Now, our story is really starting to manifest itself under the Better Together banner of izzy+. We're building that one organizational culture, which is what true collaboration does. But we're not getting bigger for size's sake. It's about teams of people working together to stay at the leading edge of what they do best. We are working hard at celebrating the differences between the brands, while placing them under an umbrella that puts them into context for our customers."

What izzy+ looks like

Architects, interior designers, corporate customers and other visitors will meet the new izzy+ during NeoCon World's Trade Fair, June 15-17, at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago - complete with Better Together paired words and images and giant plus signs.

  • Showroom 11-100 physically integrates izzy+ furniture and seating products in different applications, showing vignettes of open plan offices, conference space, corporate café, private office and reception/lounge areas.
  • Showroom 1150 focuses exclusively on the learning market - complete with a student union where izzy+ visitors can jot collaborative word pairs on a glass panel. Other areas of the showroom introduce a classroom with a powered-up teacher's Helpdesk with iPod/iPhone docking station, a professor "touch-down" office, corporate training space and casual café.
  • Showroom 8-3094 showcases ABCO Office Furniture and Zoom Seating products, including the new Z Series computer lab training table.

Online, izzy+ makes its debut at design, manufacture and market office furniture and seating that solve real problems for real people. The focus is to provide designers with the tools to create inspiring work spaces for forward-thinking customers in home offices and small businesses, in executive offices and board rooms, in hospitals and classrooms. Its award-winning products are marketed under the brand names izzy, HÅG, Harter, Fixtures Furniture, and ABCO Office Furniture. Based in Spring Lake, Mich., U.S., izzy+ is a business of JSJ Corporation of Grand Haven, Michigan.


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