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Looking for a new love? Harter’s got your back.

Sales reps celebrate Valentine’s Day with fifth annual blitz of customer visits, bearing balloons, chocolates, tote bags and new KB Network textile samples

NEW YORK - January 29, 2009 - Harter offers even more to love in February as sales representatives fan out across North America to deliver sweet Valentine’s goodness and gorgeous seating samples to more than 3,000 customers during Harter’s fifth annual Valentine’s Day promotion.

Leveraging the wintery holiday to warm up its clients, Harter is placing the iconic pink heart logo on branded boxes of chocolates, collectible tote bags and holiday cards to offer a branded message of business love. An online sweepstakes at www.harter.com, from February 2 to 13, also offers chances to win an Apple MacBook Air notebook.

“Why do we do it? It’s a lot of fun. The designer tote bag by Harter is a must-have for our clients. And because it’s really snowy and cold here – winter lasts too long,” laughs Staci Sevaglio, who covers southern Wisconsin for Harter through Judith Ann – Contract Furnishings. “Seriously, it can be challenging to earn an appointment with designers, but our clients look forward to it every year. The whole event makes a big impact, and they really enjoy learning about Harter’s new textiles and finishes. I can’t wait to show them the new mesh textile cards.”

The 2009 Harter Valentine’s Day campaign launches KB Network, Harter’s new knit textile collection. These three bold geometric patterns, created exclusively for Harter’s top-selling Anthro KB chair back, showcase new mesh technologies as well as fresh design options:

  • Ping: Spot-on and instantaneously delivered, whether via a text, an email or a quick chat at your desk.
  • Pulse: This subtle, complex design is about engaging a signal and finding the right frequency – building on ideas and watching them gain momentum.
  • Rollover: Navigating a colorful sea of options, this pattern is nimble and sure, capturing the full spectrum of possibility before deftly landing the best choice.

Since 1927, Harter[♥] customers have depended on us for long-lasting, high quality products and personal service without parallel. Today's new Harter honors those expectations, partnering with designers and their clients to develop creative design solutions based on classic modern forms and a fresh palette of materials, colors, textiles and surfaces. Harter by izzy is a business of JSJ Corporation. Harter [♥]. Always at the heart of the solution.


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