We've created a full menu of flavors—now consistent across all the izzy+ brands—for you to taste, explore, mix, and, most importantly, share. It's all about individual tastes being Better Together.

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Inspired Palettes

Each color and palette have
their own stories and personalities.

Sunny Day

Be on the move and in the moment.
Bright moods and colors are contagious—they carry an outlook and a vibe that can't help but bubble over. People are connecting, ideas are flowing, and the time is ripe for making the most of the moment.

Open Sky

Get out in front of what's next.
The world can be foggy and complex, but certain moments bring a crisp, cool clarity—a sense of calm, with plenty of room to breathe. Suddenly, the path forward feels wide open, the answers within reach.

New Urban

Prepare a canvas, ready to tell your stories.
Neutral tones whisper rather than shout and laugh. They quietly observe what's happening around them, aware of all the potential, and ready for whatever bright surprises you bring to the scene.

Comfort Zone

Take a moment to savor the colors of comfort.
Friendly and inviting, warm colors draw you in, taking the chill out of the air and sparking conversation that flows with ease. They are colors that urge you to take your coat off and stay awhile, because there are stories to share and ideas to grow.

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