Quantum Health

Quantum Health was founded in 1999 by Kara Trott, whose goal was to develop a healthcare program with better coordination of care, resulting in lower costs and better health. After six years of development and scientific testing, the program was rolled out to clients in 2005. Quantum Health has since received much recognition as a fast-growing company and a great place to work.


Location Columbus, Ohio

Number of People Served Quantum Health employs more than 300 professionals who serve close to 340,000 plan participants.

Sales Representative Contact Information Brent Weirtz, Seibold Baker Associates

Dealer Contact Information Kate Bertram, LOTH, Inc.

Designer Amanda Meriweather, LOTH, Inc.

The Need

As a fast-growing company with nearly 350 employees, Quantum Health had plenty of reasons to expand the square footage it occupies in the three-story professional complex in Columbus, Ohio. And as a Top Workplaces Winner, according to Inc. magazine and Winning Workplaces, Quantum also had a reputation to uphold -- the new space had to be up-to-date and well-designed.

Eric Zechman, Vice President, Information System, says a central goal with the 22,000-square-foot expansion was to create flexible spaces that could be used in a variety of ways. It was also important, he says, for the spaces to reflect the strengths and values of the organization, from its innovative and tech-savvy approach to work, to its focus on cultivating a positive company culture.

"Working in this field is very stressful," Zechman says. "We really needed places for people to congregate -- to relax, unwind, and have fun. We also have big, monthly corporate meetings and didn't have a single space that could hold everybody at once."

The izzy+ Solution

Quantum Health's needs clearly pointed to a design solution focused on second and third spaces.

On the second floor, the expansion includes a laid-back cafeteria and lounge space, which doubles as a place where those large corporate meetings can be held. Amanda Meriweather, the interior designer assigned to the project at LOTH, achieved flexibility and fun through a combination of Forum lounge pieces and Hannah stools and chairs, in fresh tones of yellow and blue.

"These pieces are mobile, flexible, inspiring, fun, and useful," says Meriweather, who also used Dewey shelving and Help Desks to add even more function to the space. A nearby video conference room features Dewey 6-Top tables.

The third floor build-out, geared toward clients, includes a meet-and-greet lounge, a hospitality area where clients can be entertained, and a high-tech conference/presentation room.

"[Quantum Health] needed a space that allowed them to entertain clients while projecting the image they wanted to project, of being creative and current with the technology and times," says Meriweather.

Layla, with its power options and sleek, upscale look, was Meriweather's choice for the conference room. Anthro KB seating by Harter provides guests with extreme comfort, while Forum benches and Penny tables along the walls provide extra seating when needed.

For the hospitality area, Meriweather paired Harter Arc stools with Pick-a-Top, Pick-a-Base tables, with finishes that coordinate with Audrey counter-height storage and islands. Forum lounge pieces are used for the meet-and-greet,

"I wanted to choose products that could be scaled up for different spaces, just by changing the materials and finishes," says Meriweather. "I really love the new colors and materials program [izzy+ flavors]. It's simple and there are lots of great choices. The materials offer lots of great textures for impact without being over the top."

The fun, flexible nature of the cafeteria stands out as Meriweather's favorite space. "It's a great use of that real estate," says Meriweather. "They're pushing for attracting and retaining new employees, so spaces like this for internal communication and socialization are improtant. The whole space opens people's eyes to think differently, work differently, and interact differently. The room really speaks to what the company represents."

"It looks fantastic and it's holding up very well," adds Zechman from Quantum. "Everything is very fresh and modern, and people can move the furniture around. The space is always being used."