Atlanta Technical College

Customer Atlanta Technical College, The Brenda Watts Jones Allied Health
and Technology Complex

An affordable education that translates to good careers is getting harder
to come by, but that’s exactly what students find at Atlanta Technical
College. More than 100 programs are offered, in fields as diverse as
business media and information technology, and health and human services,
taught in the new Allied Health Building.


Location Atlanta, Georgia

Number of people served over 3,000 full- and part-time students, and
nearly 400 faculty and staff

izzy+ Sales representative
Nancy Whitaker-Walker, WW Group, Atlanta, GA

Design firm Edgar Hillsman, Hillsman Interior Planning and Design,
Atlanta, GA

The need

Brenda Watts Jones, the late president of Atlanta Technical College, had a
vision for a cutting-edge center that would prepare Atlanta-area students
to contribute in significant ways to the healthcare field; Edgar Hillsman,
of Hillsman Interior Planning and Design, had a vision for how to design
and furnish it. The resulting Brenda Watts Jones Allied Health and
Technology Complex is both impressive to look at and highly functional for
teaching and learning.

Administrators at the school knew the building, featuring more than 70,000
square feet of space, had to be all about the future: crisp and clean
lines, cutting-edge technology, and all kinds of flexibility to accommodate
whatever’s next. Not only did classrooms need to be designed for a variety
of healthcare studies—from dental hygiene and physical therapy assistants
to technicians in phlebotomy and radiology—but meeting areas, labs,
computer centers and instructors’ offices were also a part of the design.

“The cutting-edge facility has set a new standard for the campus, both in
terms of design and technology,” Hillsman said. “Our expertise is in
advanced technology, so we were sure to leverage that to create an image
that reflected the college’s mission and spoke to this new paradigm in
education, which is all about flexibility and collaboration.”

The izzy+ solution

Utilizing mobile classroom furniture was key for Hillsman, because it can
easily be rearranged to accommodate new learning styles and technologies.

“Instructors need to be able to arrange the classrooms as needed, for
different uses. Dewey tables on casters are perfect for that flexibility,”
Hillsman said. “Dewey flip top tables give you even more options. When you
want to maximize the floor space and change the whole purpose of the room,
just nest the tables you don’t need and push them aside.”

Hillsman chose stark neutrals with bold color accents to engage students,
inspire educators, and maintain a cutting-edge feel.

“The first year we saw Dewey introduced at NeoCon we immediately loved its
fresh, new look,” Hillsman said. “There’s nothing boring about it, which is
really important in education. When a classroom is engaging and exciting it
can make students more engaged and excited to be there and learn.”

Using Dewey Benches, Lecterns and HelpDesks completed the look in the
classrooms and computer center. “The whole family of products ties it all
together,” Hillsman said. “If you can find something that accommodates
technology and has great aesthetics, like Dewey does, you’re all set.”

In offices for professors and administrators, Hillsman chose Audrey
casegoods and tables to set the stage, paired with Harter Anthro KB
seating. izzy+ rep Nancy Whitaker-Walker said Audrey is perfect for the
contemporary building’s sleek, fresh look, and the line allowed for custom
orders, such as worksurfaces that “float” above open storage.

“The designer had a very clear vision, and Audrey was flexible enough to
meet all of the needs, even when specials were called for,” Whitaker-Walker
said. “izzy+ has made it easy for us to take their products to the
designers because of the great colors and options and finishes which are
consistent across the brands. It’s also easy to do specials and get the
customizations you need. The end result is just a beautiful installation
that came together so easily.”