Armstrong Atlantic State University

Armstrong Atlantic State University is a dynamic public university situated on the Atlantic coast in beautiful Savannah, Georgia, known for excellent arts and sciences along with outstanding professional programs. With approximately 7,000 students, Armstrong is small enough to foster a genuine sense of community and large enough to offer more than 100 academic programs that prepare graduates for success in their careers and leadership in their communities.


Location Savannah, Georgia

Number of people served More than 7,000 students and more than 500 faculty and staff

Sales Rep Contact Information Nancy Whitaker-Walker, WW Group, Atlanta, GA

Dealer Contact Information Mason, Inc., Savannah, Georgia

The need

Situated on the Atlantic coast on beautiful botanical grounds, Armstrong Atlantic State University, part of the University System of Georgia, has reason to boast when it comes to its beautiful setting.

But like most universities that are more than 75 years old, AASU is showing its age in many campus facilities, and budgets don’t allow for all programs to get remodels and new buildings at once. Administrators recently discovered, however, that new furnishings and space planning can do wonders when it comes to both updating the look and accommodating today’s styles of teaching and learning.

“One of their main goals [at AASU] was to create more collaborative settings,” explained Joe Conners, president of Mason, Inc., the izzy+ dealer in Savannah. “In the nursing school, the students had been in individual desks before—they wanted to move them to tables that allow them to work together.”

Connors said the need to access, hook up and store technology in the classroom was the other main need cited by AASU professors and facility managers.

The izzy+ solution

In Ashmore Hall, the nursing school, Dewey tables replaced individual desks, allowing for more collaboration, and Dewey Helpdesks and Lecterns provided all the technology capabilities professors were looking for.

“Dewey is flexible, adjustable, and resilient, plus it has great technology features, looks great, and fit in their budget,” Conners said.

As soon as the Ashmore Hall install was complete, Mason, Inc. started getting calls from other AASU deans who wanted to refresh their facilities and make them more functional, collaborative and technology-friendly. Soon Mason was outfitting University Hall with Dewey tables and izzydesign’s iconic Hannah chairs, and then music classrooms in Fine Arts Hall followed suit.

Mason, Inc. interior designer, Raquel Anderson, said Dewey obviously demonstrated what it’s capable of in terms of both looks and function.

“Dewey has lots of sizes and options, which is great for space planning. The line has the table widths the music school needed, and they liked the height-adjustability,” Anderson said. “It’s also great that Dewey is on locking casters, which makes it easy to reconfigure. In the past, professors were always moving the heavy old furniture around, making lots of noise and disruptions, and damaging the floor. Dewey is heavy-duty, but easy to move.”